About Us

Mission Statement
The Morgan Hill Fire Department is committed to the Protection of Life, Property, and the Environment through Performance, Preparedness, and Prevention.

The Morgan Hill Fire Department's Core Values are Customer Service, Performance, and Professionalism.

About Us
 The Morgan Hill Fire Department was established in 1907 and disbanded in 1995. Fire Protection Services were provided by the Santa Clara County Fire Department from 1995 to 2013. In 2013, the city of Morgan Hill reestablished its fire department through a contract with CAL FIRE.
Fire & EMS Service
The Morgan Hill Fire Department and South Santa Clara County Fire Protection District are all-risk fire departments with ALS (paramedic) fire engines. The Morgan Hill Fire Department staffs two fire apparatus 24/7 with three personnel each and shares a third fire apparatus staffed 24/7 with three personnel with the South Santa Clara County Fire Protection District. The Morgan Hill Fire Department is served 24/7 by Battalion Chief coverage and dispatched by the CAL FIRE Emergency Command Center. Ambulance transport services are provided through the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services agency. 


Since the 1940s, local government entities have contracted with CAL FIRE for many forms of emergency services. CAL FIRE provides full-service fire protection through 145 cooperative fire protection agreements in 33 counties, 30 cities, 32 fire districts and 25 other special districts and service areas.

As a full-service fire department, CAL FIRE responds to wildland fires, structure fires, floods, hazardous material spills, swift water rescues, civil disturbances, earthquakes, and medical emergencies of all kinds. Local governments are able to utilize this diversity and experience through their contracts and agreements with the department. 

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