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In today’s world, things happen fast; a hot meal delivered in 30 minutes or less, groceries delivered in a matter of hours, coffee ready at the push of a button. In many cases speed makes our lives easier, but the pace of fire through a home has also increased at a dramatic and deadly rate.

What if a simple act – one that takes under 10 seconds to complete – could have a potentially life-saving impact during a fire? Would you do it?

Close Before You Doze

A closed door can slow the spread of fire, reduce toxic smoke levels, improve oxygen levels and decrease temperatures dramatically – and that could make a life-saving difference in your home.

In controlled live-fire experiments, bedrooms with closed doors maintained average temperatures under 100 degrees Fahrenheit while temperatures exceeded 1,000 degrees in rooms with open doors.

During these experiments, bedrooms with closed doors had approximately 100 PPM CO (parts per million of Carbon Monoxide); a survivable short-term exposure. Rooms with open doors had about 10,000 PPM CO; an extremely lethal exposure.

In the closed-door rooms, oxygen levels also stayed at a breathable 18% while oxygen levels dropped to a lethal 8% in rooms with open doors.

These facts are even more significant because half of all home fire deaths result from fires occurring between 11 pm and 7 am, when most people are asleep. Tuck your loved ones in for the night and close those bedrooms doors on your way out.

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