Residential Fences

Permits are not required for fences 7 feet in height or less. Fences over 7 ft. in height are not allowed.

Additional Regulations

Additional regulations, as found in the Municipal Code, Chapter 18, allow for fences and walls to be built along property lines as long as they do not exceed the maximum height. Fences may not exceed 7 ft. in height along the rear and side property lines and no more than 3 ft. in height within the front setback area. Fences along side and rear property lines, outside of the front setback area, are allowed 6 feet of solid fence with the top 1 foot required to be lattice, which allows for the passage of light and air (total maximum height is 7 feet.) Fences and walls along side property lines may not exceed 3 ft. in height within the front setback area. Click here to link to the Planning Department's "Fences and Walls" page for more information.
Height is measured from the bottom (grade level) to the top of the fence or wall. Fences and walls on corner lots have additional requirements.

Consult with the Planning Department for additional height and setback restrictions.