Pavement Rehabilitation Program

The City’s ongoing Pavement Rehabilitation Program is intended to address the City’s pavement rehabilitation needs. Locations for maintenance are selected based on Pavement Management Program (PMP) data, resident feedback, and field observations from Street Maintenance crews.

The 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project began on July 19, 2021.  The contractor will be raising manholes and valves at Peak and Wright Avenues beginning the week of August 30, 2021, which will be followed by striping. Work is scheduled to be completed in the month of September 2021.

Wright Avenue Sewer Main Project - Begins July 29, 2021

Prior to the scheduled work related to the 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, the City will be replacing the sewer main along Wright Avenue from Monterey Road to Del Monte Avenue. The work is scheduled to begin on July 29, 2021. This project is scheduled to be completed by end of day on August 3, 2021. The above schedule is based on necessary conditions and is subject to change.

As the City is prioritizing this work ahead of the 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, the contractor will be working on Saturday, July 31, 2021 to expedite the work. The roadway will be closed to through traffic. Access will be available for emergency vehicles and local traffic. For additional information, please view our email update.  

2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project Overview

The City of Morgan Hill is planning to complete pavement rehabilitation to the following areas:

  • Wright Avenue - Monterey Road to Peak Avenue 
  • Peak Avenue - Wright Avenue to Dunne Avenue 
  • Farallon Drive - Peak Avenue to Alkire Drive 
  • Torrey Court - Farallon Drive to end of Torrey Court 
  • Alkire Drive - Dewitt Avenue to Peak Avenue 
  • Dewitt Avenue - Alkire Drive to West Main Avenue 
  • West Main Avenue - Dewitt Avenue to Peak Avenue 
  • Tennant Avenue from Vineyard Avenue to Monterey Road 
  • El Toro Fire Station and Dunne/Hill Fire Station Pavement Repair

Work tentatively set for July 2021 and be completed by October 2021

We understand that these traffic patterns, detours, and changes can be frustrating. Our hope is to complete the work as quickly as possible and limit the impact to the community. Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas and follow signage for detours. We recommend utilizing alternate routes as much as possible while the work is being completed.

Project Email Updates

Projects Planned by Fiscal Year

  • 2019 Project: Overlay Monterey Road (Cochrane Road to Tilton Avenue), overlay Butterfield Boulevard (Cochrane Road to Main Avenue), slurry and crack seal Cochrane Road from Monterey Road to DePaul Drive, slurry and crack seal the Jackson Meadows neighborhood and slurry and crack seal Depot Street.
  • 2020 Project Tentative Plan: Overlay various sections of East Dunne Avenue between Walnut Grove Avenue and the eastern City limits and selected pavement treatment in La Crosse area and associated neighborhoods.
  • Future Projects: Street maintenance locations to be determined following update of the City’s Pavement Management Program in the Spring of 2021.

Pavement Rehabilitation Funding

The City funds the Pavement Rehabilitation Program through revenues from gas taxes, vehicle registration fees (via VTA), and the One Bay Area Grant. Over the last six years, the City has supplemented capital funds with significant dollars from the General Fund. Two new significant funding sources have been established through the passage of VTA Measure B to increase the sales tax in Santa Clara County and SB 1 which increases the gas tax. New funding from these sources has increased funding for pavement rehabilitation projects by approximately $1.6 million annually. The 2017 Pavement Management System Update recommends the needed rehabilitation of $4.5 million per year to maintain the City’s current pavement condition index (PCI) of 72, even with the new additional revenues the City still has a 2.3 million dollar annual shortfall in funding needed to provide sustainable street maintenance.

The following reports provide additional information on City Infrastructure Maintenance. 

For Street Maintenance issues or concerns visit the City’s Maintenance Division.

  1. Yat Cho

    Senior Project Manager
    Phone: 408-310-4641

  2. Chris Ghione

    Public Services Director
    Phone: 408-782-9154