Monterey Road Complete Streets/Lane Reduction Review

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and requests from local business owners, the Morgan Hill City Council will be reviewing the potential of converting Monterey Road through the downtown to an alternative configuration. This includes the potential of reducing the lanes running through the downtown.  The Council will be reviewing options for reconfiguration of Monterey Road at their June 3rd regular City Council Meeting. It is anticipated that the Council will receive the background information and alternative options from City staff at the meeting and may choose to provide direction. 

In preparation for the City Council meeting, discussion on this topic will be the focus of the City’s May 28th Town Hall Meeting. Information on both meetings is available here:

May 28th Town Hall Meeting or call: (669) 900-9128 and enter Webinar ID: 841 849 915

June 3rd City Council Meeting or call: (669) 900-9128 and enter Webinar ID: 838 6356 6504


The City completed the Monterey Road Complete Street Pilot Project in 2015. This project reduced one travel lane in each direction to determine if the configuration would slow traffic, improve safety, increase mobility, vibrancy and economic vitality in the Downtown Area. Ultimately, the City Council elected not to keep this configuration.

Background Documents

Positive Outcomes from Past Pilot Program

  • Increase multi-model transportation (bike & pedestrian)
  • Support local businesses (directly through increased space, indirectly by increasing vibrancy of downtown).
  • Economic development – Encouraged future business growth in the downtown
  • Discouraged cut-through traffic
  • Alignment with Vision Zero

Other Outcomes from Past Pilot Program

  • Traffic Congestion – The change will not support improved traffic congestion overall for the City, although it was ultimately found that traffic moved off Monterey Road and impacts were limited at the end of the trial.
  • Residents and businesses were very split on making the change, with the survey results at the time leaning against the lane reconfiguration becoming permanent
  • Some businesses did not feel benefit during the previous trial

What’s Different Now

  • Downtown Improvements Complete, including Parking Structure
  • New private development downtown – Businesses and residents
  • Safety Improvements have been made: 4th St Signal, Flashing Lights (at 3rd, soon to be at 1st and 5th)
  • COVID-19

What’s not Different

  • Hale Avenue Extension not constructed
  • Hwy 101 is not widened
  • Pass through traffic is still significant (pre-COVID-19)
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