Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The Public Works Capital Improvement Projects Engineering section implements the city’s 5-year CIP. This section provides for the design and construction of capital projects with a combination of in-house and consultant staff. The section is augmented by consultants as needed on technical specialty work or time-constrained projects.

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5 Year Capital Improvement Program

​Current Projects 
Highlighted Projects


​Utilities Projects

Water System Upgrades

Jackson #3 & Boys Ranch #2A Well Rehabilitation Project: This project constructed two new replacement wells, one at each site.

New Main Avenue Well Project: This project will construct a new building around the recently drilled well and provide the City with approximately 850 gallons per minute of additional drinking water. For more information please check the following link:

East Dunne Avenue Reservoir and Booster Station Project: This project will construct a new storage reservoir and booster station along East Dunne. 

Sewer System Upgrades

Lift Stations K and F Upgrade Project:
Upgrade sewer lift stations with new pumps, electronics, coatings, extend their life expectancy.

Lift Stations J and W Upgrade Project: 
Lift Stations J and W Improvement Project: At lift station W, Pacific Infrastructure Corporation (PIC) will test and start-up the new pump and motor control center equipment. if the testing and start-up operations are completed, the temporary bypass equipment will be removed.
Morgan Hill Sewer Trunk Line Project:
Morgan Hill Sewer Trunk Line to Gilroy Project: The project proposes to construct a new parallel sewer trunk line from the Harding/Highland intersection to Renz Road in Gilroy. The City presented the sewer alignment to the City of Gilroy on Monday, April 29, 2019, and the alignment was approved. The design will now be elevated to a 90% completion level. Construction of the parallel sewer trunk is currently not funded. The draft alignment can be found at & See alignment Exhibit

Infiltration and Inflow Rehabilitation Project: 
Replace/repair sewer pipes to reduce storm water infiltration.

Tennant Avenue Sewer Main Project: 
Tennant Avenue Sewer Main Project will upsize an existing 18-inch sewer line to a 27-inch sewer line along Tennant Avenue, between Railroad Avenue and Monterey Road. The apparent low bidder is KJ Woods Construction at $2,148,000. The project was awarded at the July 17th City Council meeting. 

​Public Facilities Projects 

  • Morgan Hill Library Addition Project
  • Centennial Recreation Center Expansion Project

​Street & Roads Projects 

Main Avenue Bike Lane & Sidewalk Project: The project will install buffered bike lanes along Main Avenue between Butterfield and Condit. In addition, a small section will be widened to accommodate new bike lanes and new sidewalk. Green bike lane markings will further enhance the street corridor.

Storm Drainage Projects 

Monterey/Llagas Creek Box Culvert Repair: Install concrete bottom to prevent erosion.