Posted on: July 21, 2017

Be Ember Aware! Tip #14: Will Your Home Survive When The Embers Arrive?

Be Ember Aware!

Tip #14: Will your home survive when the embers arrive?

The most common reason homes burn during wildfire are because windblown embers become lodged in something easily ignited on or near your home. This summer we provided a weekly tip describing the different areas of your home and property that are vulnerable to ember attack. In this last article, we summarize the tips.

  • Replace wood shake or shingle roofs with fire resistant types.
  • Keep rain gutters and roofs free of pine needles, leaves and other debris.
  • Move your wood pile at least 30 feet away from the house.
  • Remove pine needles and other plant debris from between deck boards and from the surface and enclose the undersides of the deck, making sure to provide adequate ventilation when you enclose.
  • Cover vents with 1/8-inch wire mesh or install ember resistant vents.
  • Create a noncombustible, or low combustible, area within five feet of the house.
  • Avoid planting evergreen shrubs adjacent to the house, and particularly not in front or below vent openings or in front of windows.
  • Do not use wood, bark or rubber mulches near homes, especially houses that have wood, vinyl or other plastic siding.
  • A fuel break around your neighborhood is not enough.
  • Replace single-pane windows with at least double-paned types.
  • Cover open ended barrel roof tiles.
  • Remove dead vegetation from around the home.
  • Assume extreme fire conditions when assessing your home's vulnerabilities to ember attack.

During wildfires, your home may be exposed to thousands of embers that rain down on your home. Take action now to reduce the ember threat.

You can learn more at: www.emberaware.com 
Contact your Morgan Hill Fire Marshal, Dwight Good, by email or phone at 408.310.4654

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