17575 Peak Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

(408) 778-6480

(408) 779-7236

Name Title Email Phone
Creer, Scott Deputy Director for Engineering 408-310-4640
Cho, Yat Senior Project Manager 408-310-4641
Gittleson, David Associate Engineer 408-310-4642
Henry, John Engineering Aide II 408-310-4645
Rauscher, Mark Engineering Aide II 408-310-4646
Oam, Sydney Financial and Policy Analyst 408-310-4458
Matuk, Ruben Public Works Inspector 408-310-4174

Utilities - Corporation Yard 

100 Edes Court
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

(408) 776-7333

The Utilities Division is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the City's storm drains, water, and wastewater systems.

Name Title Email Phone
Repp, Dan Deputy Director Utility Services 408-310-4166
Bryum, Clint Operations Manager 408-310-4164
Alonzo, Inga Management Analyst 408-310-4182
Rodriguez, Tina Municipal Services Assistant 408-310-4163
Armendariz, Liz Office Assistant II 408-310-4162
Neff, Tom Utilities Supervisor 408-310-4175
Parraz, Mario Utilities Supervisor 408-310-4043
Amaya, Bob Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4165
Christensen, Ken Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4168
DeGallery, Rod Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4167
Wake, Richard Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4177
Balajadia, Alfredo Electrician 408-310-4173
Nelson, Kevin Water Quality Specialist 408-310-4170
Esquivel, Osbaldo Utility Worker II
Galloway, Adam Utility Worker II
Gonzales, Johnny Utility Worker II
Guzman, Richard Utility Worker II
Herrera, Teo Utility Worker II
Pacheco, Joey Utility Worker II
Romo, Robert Utility Worker II
Russo, Danny Utility Worker II
Wilber, Robert Utility Worker II
Conlon, Tim Utility Worker I
De Leeuw, Terry Utility Worker I
Martinez, Gabe Utility Worker I
Rios, Fabian Utility Worker I
Rocha, Leo Utility Worker I
Vasquez, Oracio Utility Worker I