Public Services Department

The Community Services Department consists of five divisions responsible for public service delivery. 

The department’s Recreation and Community Services Division operates the Centennial Recreation Center, Aquatic Center, Outdoor Sports Center, Community & Cultural Center, Amphitheater, Community Playhouse, Friendly Inn Nonprofit Service Center, Skate Board BMX Park, a wide variety of recreation programs, and social services. 

The Maintenance Division maintains City streets, sidewalks, trails, approximately 3,700 street lights, approximately 470 open space and park areas, urban forestry, all City buildings, and a landscaping assessment district. 

The Environmental Services Division manages the Environmental Agenda, water conservation, stormwater pollution prevention, solid waste management and recycling, and telecommunication regulation.

The Engineering Division strives to provide public works services that improve and operate the City's infrastructure, including: Traffic Congestion Management, Land Development Engineering, the City Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and Infrastructure Public Planning/Development.

The Utilities Division provides water and waste water services for customers within the City’s Urban Service Area. The Division is responsible for all day to day operations and maintenance of the system infrastructure.