Stormwater Development Standards

The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board passed Resolution R3-2013-0032, approving post-construction stormwater management requirements for development projects in the central coast (Region 3) of the State Water Quality Control Board. The City of Morgan Hill shall apply the Post-Construction Requirements (PCRs) to all regulated projects as required per said resolution, pursuant to Morgan Hill’s Phase II Municipal General Permit and Stormwater Management Plan.

The Central Coast’s resolution can be viewed and downloaded online.

Guidance Manual
The City of Gilroy, City of Morgan Hill, and South Santa Clara County have jointly developed a guidance manual to aid developers, engineers, and architects to meet the PCRs of resolution R3-2013-0032. The guidance manual can be viewed and download at the following link: Stormwater Management Guidance Manual for Low Impact Development and Post-Construction Requirements (PDF).

As part of the Planning application submittals for Tentative Map (SD) and Site Review (Design Review/SR) applications, proposed projects shall incorporate PCRs as required by resolution R3-2013-0032 in to the project’s design.