Morgan Hill Downtown

Waiting for the Train Lifesize Bronze Sculpture by Trainstation by Marlene Amerian

Waiting for the Train (Large Scale)

By Marlene Amerian, 2007, depicts Hiram Morgan Hill and his family

Downtown Art Metal Tarantula on Parking Garage by Gordon Huether


By Gordon Huether

Downtown Art Deer Family Bronze Sculpture by Evelyn Davis on Monterey

Deer Family

By Evelyn Davis

Poppy Jasper Illuminated Wall on Parking Garage

Poppy Jasper

By Gordon Huether

Railroad Park Mural by Pam Mossing at Railroad Park in Downtown

Railroad Park Mural

by Pam Mossing, 2017

Downtown Art 3rd Street Creek Park

Small Steps

By Evelyn Davis, 2017

Downtown Art Pop Up Park Mural

Bicycle and Townview

By Empire 7 Studio: Joan Harkness, Art Decker, Steve Harkness, 2015