West Little Llagas Creek Trail Extension to Silveira Lake

In coordination with the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Upper Llagas Creek Flood Control Project, the City of Morgan Hill is in the construction process for a future multi-use trail from Watsonville Road to Lake Silveira. This project has been identified through the City’s Bikeways, Trails, Parks and Recreation Master Plan and will provide for an improved paved multi-use trail linking the downtown to the south end of the City at Silveira Lake. 

The first phase of the trail is now under construction.  This includes the trail from Watsonville Road south to the northside of Silveira Lake. The second phase of the project on the south side of the Lake is currently in the planning process. 

Current Update: The trail for Phase 1 has been paved, but will not be open for several months as the roadway crossings are not yet constructed.  It is anticipated the trail will open in late summer to early fall following the construction of the roadway crossing safety enhancements.

Trail Layout for Phase 1:

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