Public Notices

The following are legal public notices prepared by the Development Services Division. If you wish to receive the Division's public notices, please sign up for the Public Hearing Legal Notices using the "Notify Me" link to receive notifications of new notices are published.

Administrative Notices 

May 30, 2023 Notice of Pending Action 

  • SR2023-0008: Del Monte – Devries Public Notice (pdf)
    Request is for a Design Review Permit for a new two-story 1,840 square foot Accessory Structure, including a 460 square foot Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Number 767-07-054 is located at 17340 Del Monte Avenue (Bart Devries, Owner). CEQA: Categorically Exempt pursuant to Section 15303 – New construction or conversion of small structures.

May 23, 2023 Notice of Pending Action 

  • SR2018-0012: E. Dunne – AU Energy Gas StationPublic Notice (pdf)
    Request for a Design Permit to demolish and redevelop the existing gas (Fuel Service) station with convenience market and car wash. The property, Identified by Assessor Parcel Numbers 817-11-043 and 817-11-077 are located on the southeast corner of Dunne Avenue and Walnut Grove at 810 East Dunne Avenue (Sunny Goyal Representing AU Energy, LLC, Applicant). CEQA: The Planning Commission adopted a Mitigated Negative Declaration and approved the conditional use permit amendment at the March 28, 2023 public hearing. More information can be found on the AU Energy Gas Station Project Page (html). 

May 9, 2023 Notice of Pending Action

  • AAE2023-0001: Monterey - Voices Charter ShoolPublic Notice (PDF)
    Request is for an amendment to a previously approved Design Permit (SR2019-0032) to construct a 28,450 square foot K-8 charter school campus. The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Number 767-17-047, is located on the northwestern corner of Monterey Road and Cosmo Avenue (Voices College-Bound Language Academies, Applicant). CEQA: Mitigated Negative Declaration has been previously prepared and adopted. More information can be found on the Voices Charter School Project Page (html)

Planning Commission Notices