Project No. UP2020-0005

Project Description

The project proposal, Condit-AT&T is a request for a Conditional Use Permit application to allow for the installation of a new 71-foot high light pole that will include nine panel antennas, 18 remote radio units, four DC-9 surge suppressors, and the installation of equipment cabinets and a 30KW generator. 

Project Location

Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center - 16500 Condit Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Planning Commission Hearing 

On November 10, 2020, the Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the Condit-AT&T project. After reviewing the project, the Planning Commission  approved the request for the Conditional Use Permit. 

Planning Commission Approvals

Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review

Class 3, categorically exempt per Section 15300.2 New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures.