Window Activation Program

Pairing Artists, Shop Owners, and Makers with Morgan Hill Vacant Windows

Morgan Hill’s Window Activation Program pairs local artists, shop owners, and makers with property owners that may have vacant storefronts to create window displays. 

The Window Activation Program supports Morgan Hill’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan by promoting non-brick and mortar businesses, strengthening current businesses, activating vacant storefronts, and improving the overall appearance by adding visual richness. The program also aims to enliven streets for pedestrians by eliminating ‘blank spots’ caused by vacant buildings, market available commercial properties, and promote Morgan Hill’s Buy Local campaign.

Contact the City if…

  • you are interested in activating a window with your retail product or art
  • you have a window that needs activation

Choose Morgan Hill Team will…

  1. Serve as an intermediary between artist/business and property owner
  2. Provide branded program posters 
  3. Promote business or art activation via program and completed projects via Choose Morgan Hill and Buy Local websites, social media networks, and select press outreach

Applicant (Business or Artist) Requirements:

  1. Submit application
  2. Create window display
  3. Provide backdrop – if necessary
  4. Consider adding lighting to display – may require battery-operated lighting if the building has no power

Application Opens in new window

For questions or to submit an application, contact:

Hilary Holeman, Administrative Analyst


Office: 408-310-4656