Do 1 Thing

do_one_thing_graphicBeing prepared for disasters and emergencies can seem like a big job. Many people don't know where to start, so they never start at all.

With do 1 thingyou can take small steps that make a big difference in an emergency. It is a 12-month program that makes it easy for you to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for emergencies or disasters.

Make a plan

January - Make a Plan
Understand what puts you at risk from disasters and take steps to lower your risk.

WaterFebruary - Water
Store 72 hours worth of water - enough for three days - for your household use.

March - Sheltering
Learn how to respond safely when instructions are given to evacuate or take shelter.


April - Food
Prepare an emergency food supply that will meet the needs of your household for three days without outside help.

CommunityMay - Work, School & Community
Make sure people who count on your are prepared for an emergency.

Family NeedsJune - Unique Family Needs
Educate yourself and prepare for your family's unique needs, like caring for pets, keeping medications on hand, or considering older adults mobility.

Family CommunicationJuly - Family Communication Plan
Make a communicate plan to keep in touch with family members during a disaster.

Get InvolvedAugust - Get Involved
Make your community stronger by getting trained and involved.

Be InformedSeptember - Be Informed
Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand, and act on information received during an emergency.

Power October - Power
Arrange to safely meet your electrical needs during an outage.

Do1Thing Emergency Supplies icon

November - Emergency Supplies
Remember to carry with you important items that may be overlooked when leaving your home in a disaster.  

Do1Thing First Aid iconDecember - First Aid
Learn how to give first aid while waiting for an ambulance. An emergency can happen at any time and any place.