Bike-Friendly Business Program

The City of Morgan Hill continually strives to support and encourage a thriving community where community health, economic development, and quality of life are at the forefront of planning efforts. That’s why we’ve created a Bike-Friendly Business Program geared towards connecting local businesses with the local bicycling community, and travelers alike.  

Join the Bike-Friendly Business Program to help the City of Morgan Hill encourage residents and visitors to explore MORE in their community and enjoy all that the City has to offer.   

The program serves as a recognition and encouragement resource aimed to:

  • Help local businesses and the patron’s they serve to understand the importance of a growing bicycle and pedestrian accessible community
  • Provide tips and tools for how businesses can be Bike-Friendly
  • Highlight businesses that commit to enhancing the local biking experience for the community's residents and visitors

Who can Participate? 

Businesses that have a physical location in Morgan Hill, and that are open to the general public. Business to Consumer-related businesses shall fall in line with Morgan Hill’s Business Licensing Guidelines in order to receive recognition as a Bike-Friendly Business, via the City of Morgan Hill’s digital and print materials. 

Benefits of Membership? 

  • Periodic recognition in promotional materials, including the City's website and social media
  • Engagement with a community that's eager to support their local businesses
  • A greater connection to the cycling and pedestrian community, and a possible increase in patronage from these group

How to Sign Up? 

Businesses need to follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Fill out the Bike-Friendly Business Application here.
Step 2: Begin or continue to make efforts at your business to build a welcoming atmosphere for bicyclists! 

Once approved, you'll receive a notification.

Bike-Friendly Business Program Members 

  • Bike Therapy
  • Craft Roots
  • Kelly Brewing Co.
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Mathnasium
  • MOHI Social
  • MOHI Wine
  • The Running Shop and Hops
  • Yes! Yogurt

You can also find our bike-friendly businesses on our Morgan Hill Bike Parking Map.

Questions or comments?

Contact the Bike and Pedestrian Program via email for more information. 

Program disclaimer: Requirements of participation will be assumed in phases, with more or less complexity, based on resource availability, participation, etc. The terms of this program are subject to change without notice. 

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