Private Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems

The City ordinance defines these systems as any sanitary sewer pipe originating or located at least partially on a common interest development collecting wastewater from more than one building sanitary sewer, including, but not limited to apartment buildings, business complexes, mobile home parks, condominiums, or townhomes. This excludes single-family residential property with an accessory dwelling unit.

All private sanitary sewer collection systems are required to be inspected for any defects and any repairs needed by a Qualified Contractor every two years if the system collects wastewater from ten or more building sanitary sewers, or every five years if the system collects wastewater from less than ten building sanitary sewers, to meet the city’s standards as specified by the Private Sewer Lateral and Private Sanitary Sewer Collection System Inspection Report (PDF).

These types of properties are not exempt from this program. A property is that is 15 years old or newer is exempt from this requirement.Private Sewer System Inspection

                                                                                     (Courtesy City of Santa Cruz website)