Apple Tree (Kelly-Vo)

Project Number: CUL2021-0001, AAE2021-0002 (DA2018-0001), EA2021-0002

The project, Appletree (Kelly-Vo) (also known as Old Monterey - Kelly-Vo), is a request for a Historical Relocation Permit and a Development Agreement Amendment to allow for the existing historical house located on Lot 4 of the Appletree Subdivision to be moved to the northwest corner of the lot and allow the developer to construct a new single-family detached home on Lot 4. 


The project site is approximately 1.13 acres. The site is on the southwest corner of Old Monterey Rd and Mustard Ave. Assessor’s Parcel Number: 764-24-061. Google map location.

Planning Commission Hearing 

On June 8, 2021, The Planning Commission conducted a Public Hearing on the Appletree (Kelly Vo) project. After reviewing the applicant's request for a Historical Relocation Permit, Planning Commission voted 6-0-1 in favor with one recused to approve. Planning Commission also recommended City Council approve the Development Agreement Amendment 6-0-1 in favor with one recused.

Planning Commission Approvals

City Council Hearing

On August 4, 2021, City Council conducted a public hearing on the Development Agreement Amendment as stated above. After reviewing the applicant's request for a Development Agreement Amendment, the City Council voted to approve the Planning Commission's recommendation to approve the Development Agreement.

City Council Approvals 

Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review

The project is categorically exempt per Section 15332 for infill development projects. A categorical exemption memorandum has been previously prepared. An addendum to the Historical and Architectural Evaluation dated April 21, 2021, has been prepared.