New Horizons (Hill- Morgan Hill Devco, LLC)

ZA2021-0001/SD2021-0003/EA2018-0016: Hill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLC

Check this page for notices and updates on the New Horizons (Hill - Morgan Hill Devco, LLC) Environmental Impact Report (EIR). For information regarding the project not related to the EIR, please visit the project page.

Project Overview

The project site is a 69.43-acre undeveloped site.  The project site land use designation and zoning allows for single-family detached homes on a minimum of 7,000 square foot lots.  The Planned Development proposes a variety of unit types ranging from single-family detached units to multi-family attached units.  The Subdivision Map proposes a variety of lot sizes. 

The project site would be accessed off Hill Road and Barrett Avenue. The site will include public internal streets that would provide access to residences and connect to adjacent residential neighborhoods. 


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Project Plans and Specifications

Public Review Period

The Notice of Preparation (NOP) had a 30-day review period from June 25, 2021, and ended on July 25, 2021. The City held a Scoping Meeting on July 13, 2021, to receive additional comments regarding the scope and contents of the proposed project.