Utility Inspections at Property Sale

As of June 1, 2022, two new inspections and retrofits and/or repairs are required prior to property sale. These requirements were adopted through the Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance (PDF) and Water Conservation Ordinance (PDF). These ordinances help our community conserve water, protect local creeks, and prevent sewer overflows. 

Below are the requirements and required forms to receive a Certificate of Compliance before property sale

Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance:

To prevent inflow and infiltration of storm water and ultimately prevent sewer overflows, private sewer lateral lines for all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings will need to be inspected by a Qualified Plumbing Contractor (who has a Contractor's License, Morgan Hill Business License, and NASSCO certification) and repaired if deficiencies are found to meet the city's standards prior to the sale of private property. Please see the current list of Qualified Contractor's for the Private Sewer Lateral Inspection HERE (PDF).

If you are a plumber and meet the three requirements above, please contact PSL.Inspections@morganhill.ca.gov to be added to the Qualified Contractor's List (PDF)

This ordinance applies to all properties that completed construction in 2006 or earlier. If the property is a new construction that was built in 2007 or later, the inspection is not required. (Note: The exemption date for inspections will increase annually. For example, in 2023 homes built in 2007 or earlier will be required to complete the inspection)

Please follow the process outlined in the Point of Sale Flow Chart (PDF) and use the forms listed below.

In parallel with this ordinance, the City continues its commitment to the health and safety of our community and is working diligently on the public sewer lines. 


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Water Conservation Ordinance

All properties constructed before January 1, 1994, will need to be inspected and retrofitted fixtures (toilets, showerheads, and urinals) prior to the time of sale, to ensure that they have been updated exclusively with high efficiency plumbing fixtures.


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