CCW: Modifying a License

Modifying/Amending a CCW License

Amend a CCW License:

  • CCW licensees may request to amended their CCW license for the following reasons:
    • Add or delete authority to carry a firearm listed on the CCW license (proof of qualification must be submitted for any new weapon added).
    • Change of restrictions and/or conditions.
    • Change address, name, or other personal information currently listed on the license. 
      • CCW licensees shall notify the Morgan Hill Police Department within ten (10) days of any change of residence. Licensees will be subject to residency requirements as outlined in Phase I.

Amendment Application

  • Amendments are completed through submission of the “Carry Concealed Weapon License Amendment” form, State of CA BOF 4502 (Rev. 09/2011).
  • If the amendments are approved, the CCW licensee will receive a new license reflecting the update(s), noting amending a CCW license has no relevance regarding the expiration date of the original CCW license.


  • A $10 payment for amending a CCW license is collected at the time of submitting the application through Permitium.