What are the responsibilities of private property owners?
  1. Maintain a fully functional private lateral sewer system
  2. Prior to the sale of a property, find and hire a Qualified Contractor, to complete a CCTV  video inspection of the sewer lateral
  3. Submit the passing inspection report and request a dropbox link to upload the CCTV footage to PSL.WC@morganhill.ca.gov (only passing inspection reports should be submitted)
  4. The passing report and video will be verified by City teammates for completeness and any discrepancies
  5. Once verified by City teammates, a certificate of compliance will be issued within five business days
  6. If the inspection does not pass, the damages will need to be repaired and a new inspection that passes will have to be performed by the Qualified Contractor 

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1. When does the program come into effect?
2. Why is the sewer lateral program necessary?
3. What is a private sewer lateral?
4. Who is affected by this program?
5. What are the responsibilities of private property owners?
6. Where do I start?
7. Who is a Qualified Plumbing Contractor?
8. What does the inspection consist of?
9. What is the estimated cost?
10. What if repairs need to be made?
11. Does a Qualified Plumbing Contractor have to perform the repairs/replacement?
12. What if this delays the sale of the property?
13. What is a private sanitary sewer collection system?
14. Why do I need a Certificate of Compliance?